Monday, July 28, 2008

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Books, books, and more books have been making me smile lately . . . not just on Monday !!! I've always been a dedicated reader, never without a book . . . heck, I practically lived at the library when I was little !! And lately, I've been flying through books like never before ! This is just a mere sample of the pages my nose has been in lately . . .

I've been getting into Alice Hoffman and Sue Monk Kidd . . . a little Jodi Picoult here and there . . . loved The House at Riverton by Kate Morton . . . . and have enjoyed discovering new author Sarah Addison Allen . . . and the list goes on !!! And, now that I've finally gotten a library card . . . watch out !!!!
So, what is everyone else reading this summer ?!?!?!?????

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Misa Gracie said...

Usually I've made my way through 3 or 4 books by this time each summer.. sadly this year I haven't had the time to pick up even one. I have a friend that is into Alice Hoffman so I may have to pick up one of her books this weekend.

There - you have inspired me to punctuate my day with a little reading before bed - like in the good ole' days.