Thursday, March 20, 2014

California Dreamin'

"There's so much beauty around us for just two eyes to see;
But everywhere I go, I'm looking."

- Rich Mullins -

Just some of the pictures we took on our amazing California trip . . . 
from Los Angeles, up the Pacific Coast Highway, to San Francisco.

So much beauty . . . 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Even The Critters Have Had It

Poor little chipmunk . . . he's up to his neck in this lovely snow !!!

I guess this is the "lion" part of the month . . .

 hopefully the lamb is quick to follow !!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

47 Days In

When I started this whole 365grateful thing last month,
 I wondered what the result would be & how it would affect me.  

Here's what I've found after the first 47 days:

- Sometimes it's redundant . . . I find that I'm beyond thankful for the key aspects of my life, and I could take picture after picture to try and capture the many ways I'm grateful for them !

- On the other hand, there are so many little things throughout the day that I find myself saying "Thank You" for that I can't manage to take pictures of them all !  How do you capture the pleasant interaction with a patient, or the way your husband makes you laugh so hard you cry, or the uplifting conversation, or the great dane sitting at the wheel of the car next to you in the parking lot that makes you smile & laugh . . . so many great moments that you can't capture with a camera !

- I now find myself looking for things I'm grateful for outside my normal realm . . . it's no secret that I love home & am happiest there with Jack & our furry boys, so those things are my "default" . . . I've had to push myself to find & capture things during my workday, and that's good !

- Taking and playing with pictures is just plain fun !

There's so much to be grateful for, and I can't wait to see 
everything I collect over the course of the year !!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello 2014 !

Wow . . . a new year already !!!

Time just keeps going faster & faster !

I always try to take some time at the end of each year for a little reflection . . . 
take a look back, gain some closure, and gear up for a new year !

2013 was great in so many ways . . . and draining in so many ways, as well.  I find that I'm not happy with the ways I felt and reacted this past year.  I realized that I allowed the words and opinions of others to really determine what I felt & believed about myself . . . as I put it to Jack, I allowed these things to really "wreck" me.  And I don't want to repeat that !

Here's what I wrote in my journal last week:

"I'm not really one for resolutions or to-do lists, but I've been thinking a lot this last week about things I want more of in my life.  I can't always get rid of the things I don't want, that bring me down, & wear me out, but I can make a commitment to add things to my life that make it easier, more fun, and more enjoyable . . . more authentic . . . more me."

So I chose a word for this year:  


(I did this whole word thing a few years ago, too !)

I want ( & need !) more color, more creating, more exploring, more little moments, more trust, more beauty, more festive, more movement, more homemade, more whimsy, more nature, more play, more little touches, more nesting, more relaxed, more pictures, more real . . . 

Sounds & feels a bit overwhelming initially. . . but I look at it the same way I've looked at my eating habits the last few years:  if I focus on the healthy things I need to eat everyday & meeting that daily goal, I find there's less room for the unhealthier things to creep in, & I feel better all-around !

One thing I decided to do to add MORE to my days & year is the 365 Grateful project.  So hopefully everyday, I'll have added another picture to my Instagram feed over there of something I'm grateful for that day.  Love this idea & the motivation behind it . . . I'll definitely try to keep this one up !

So, here's to a year of MORE !!!