Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year End Smattering

A cold, snowy New Year's Eve today . . . we went to bed last night seeing grass, and woke up to a winter wonderland !! The best part was not having to go to work . . . !

The past week or so has been a bit of a whirlwind, with work, our office party, Christmas, and our new furry friend . . . so hard to believe tomorrow begins a whole new year ! New Year's Day actually serves as our "Christmas: Round 2", since Jack's sister was only able to be home this week, and his family has held off on gifts and all until everyone could be together. No wonder I'm all confused as to what day it is . . . !!!

So, here's a little jumble of pictures from the past week's festivities:

This year's homemade Christmas cards . . .

. . . some homemade honey almond sugar scrub . . .

. . . and rocky road brittle for my co-workers
(this year's nifty gifties !)

Beautiful new curtains for our living room !! We came home Christmas night from my parents to find this scene . . . I love it when elves break into our house and leave presents !!!

And Leo, of course, making himself at home (in the sink and on the dryer !) Still slowly working on the "getting acquainted" thing with the furballs . . . we were off to a shaky start, with growling and hissing from Marty . . . the last few days have been hiss-free, though, so that's encouraging !!!

Happy New Year's Eve !!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let Me Introduce . . .

. . . Leo !!!

Yes, we have adopted another furry friend ! Jack & I hadn't really talked about getting another cat yet . . . we knew we would be ready at some point, but hadn't brought it up in the midst of all our emotions with Tibbs. So imagine my surprise when I came home Tuesday night at 9:30, after a long day at work and our office Christmas party afterwards, to find this little sweetie hanging out in our guest room ?!?!!!! Seems that Jack randomly checked our humane society website that day and found this guy . . . and after visiting the shelter and falling in love with him, home he came !!! He is quite the little love bug . . . all licks and snuggles and headbutts ! And of course, he's got some Maine Coon in him, too ! He's recovering from some respiratory and eye issues, so we've had him quarantined in the guest room since we brought him home. Tomorrow we'll start the "getting acquainted" process with Marty and see how that goes ! Then we'll have 2 furballs flying through the house again . . . !
Two saddened hearts . . . a sweet boy in need of a good home . . . a husband that went with his gut . . . a wonderful Christmas gift !!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just a Little Frightful

Quite a snowy 2 days it's been !!

Conditions were so bad yesterday, and we had so many cancellations at work that we actually closed the office a few hours early and headed home . . . that was a 1st since I've been there !!!! It was nice to get home a little early, though, and watch the snow from the inside . . . !

Yup . . . about 16 inches of the white stuff !

Definitely a white Christmas !!

Monday, December 15, 2008

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

It's beginning . . .

. . . to look a lot . . .

. . . like Christmas !!!!

A little tree decorating, card making, and baking . . .
getting things ready for the holiday !!

Happy Monday !

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Makes Jack Laugh" Monday

A friend once told me that I was one of the
most put-together people she knew . . .
well, take a look at this outfit !!!!

I had good reason for my stylish ensemble: I had to run outside yesterday, in the blistery winter weather, to get my wreaths and grapevine trees out of the barn before the snow piled up and the doors froze shut ! I just happened to be in my old blue robe and bright red Scotty dog pajama pants. And what goes best with that ??? . . . why, my green boots, pink knitted hat, and Jack's rust-colored jacket, of course !!!

In the few short minutes I was actually outside, Jack managed to take a few shots ! I came back in the house to find him holding the camera and laughing hysterically ! Glad I could be so amusing !! Just wait till you see my Christmas decorating garb !!!
Happy ("What Not To Wear") Monday !!
P.S.: Thanks to all for the kind comments, phone calls, thoughts, and prayers about our loss . . . each and every one has been a great comfort ! We're doing better, enjoying our Marty, and getting used to the "new normal". Thanks again !