Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Bestest Sandwich Ever

That would be a Smoked Turkey Reuben . . .
the best sandwich EVER !!!

Or, as it was abbreviated back in my waitressing days, a Streuben. I was introduced to this little lovely at the restaurant where I waitressed back in high school and college . . . Victoria's Parlor in Granville, OH. I'd never really liked coleslaw much, and didn't like Thousand Island dressing at all . . . but when it was all smashed together with Swiss cheese and smoked turkey between toasted rye bread . . . heavenly !!!

I thought I'd take a culinary trip down memory lane tonite for dinner, and whip up one of these beauties . . . ah, the melted, oozing, messy goodness !

So if you happen to have all of these ingredients on hand, just waiting around to be used, slap one together . . . you won't be disappointed ! Just for the record, honey turkey works well, too . . . but that would make it a Htreuben, right !?!?!!!
Whatever . . . just go make one !!!

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