Monday, August 4, 2008

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Two words sum it up today: LIBRARY CARD !!!

I'm not sure exactly what prompted me to get a library card after all these years. Maybe it's the fact that the co-worker who loans me (and many patients !) books from her vast personal library is retiring at the end of the year. Or maybe that I'm going thru books so quickly lately that I'd have to live at Barnes & Noble to keep myself stocked ! Most likely, though, it's the fact that books are expensive (like everything these days !), and it finally dawned on me that I can get them from the library for FREE !!!! What a great concept !!!! And after my first run 2 weeks ago, I remembered that it's not just fiction that's available . . . I can get cookbooks, and decorating books, and books about knitting, and . . . and . . . . so many options !!! I feel like a kid again, all excited to go to the library . . . I was looking forward to it all day today !!!

I was denied a library card once, actually. When Jack was in seminary and we lived outside Boston (and we really had no money !), I found the most beautiful library in a neighboring town . . . it was this quaint little stone building in the midst of a picture-book New England town, overlooking the water. I just wanted to use that location because it was so beautiful. But they refused me a library card, and said I had to get one from the library in the town I lived in . . . even though both were in the same county and all !!! I was so upset at being turned down for a FREE LIBRARY CARD that I never got one at all while we lived there. That just seemed to add to the trauma that was my time there.

Oh well . . . that's all in the past ! I've got my card now, and I'm ready to go !!!!
Happy Monday !!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh MElissa- you are so brave! I have a library card but am timid about using it due to traumatic library lady issues from my childhood.
(Hi- by the way- You may not remember me- we met at Allyson and Chad's in Grove City- I'm her aunt.)
But you may have inspired me to try again- the whole idea of getting free use of books is so appealing!