Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not My Year For Gardening

Thanks to this little garden terrorist and
newest resident of our barn . . .

. . . my planters of geraniums now look like this:

Just as they were coming back to life again, Mr. Groundhog beheaded my few blooms and dug straight to the bottom of the pot. Clearly it's just not my year for gardening (Jack is, as I type, mowing over my failed veggie garden, too !). Note to self for next year: read up on growing veggies in containers, and groundhog control !!!!

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Allyson said...

Oh man! That's a bummer! I'm sorry that it hasn't been a good year for you--I know how disappointing that can be! I don't have any groundhog advice, except to tell you that my dad was an expert woodchuck killer, but it's not appropriate blog fodder. :) I'm growing my tomatoes in planter boxes and they're doing great! Next year will be better.