Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Makes Me Smile" Tuesday ????

I'm late. It's Tuesday, and I missed my usual Monday post. I didn't post right away when I got home from work yesterday, like I usually do, and then Jack was working on computer stuff the rest of the night . . . so here I am now !

I planned to post a little sample of some of my recent favorite reads and such, but it seems that something's up with our scanner . . . so that's a no-go ! So I'm left with my stash of pictures to choose from !
And so I'm posting about this guy today:

. . . . Blue Guy !

This is Marty's favorite thing in his entire cat world ! He has to know where it is at all times. He knows where we put it when it's bedtime (because if we leave it out, he'll be batting it around on our bed half the night !), and he waits for us to get it out again in the morning. We toss it around in the morning before work, and first thing when I get home at night. Such an important member of our household !! And he ends up all over the place:

. . . . in my sink, under a huge pile of dishes . . .

. . . in the cats' water dish (and then straight to the dryer for a ride!), and under just about every piece of furniture we own !!! I frequently have to go on a "Blue Guy Hunt" to find him, on my hands and knees with my flashlight checking under everything !!!

But Blue Guy spends a lot of his time in Marty's mouth, getting carried all over the house. We are definitely in big trouble if Blue Guy ever wears out !!! Happy belated Monday !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love "Blue Guy" love Marty!!