Monday, May 26, 2008

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Yes, I have died and gone to transferware heaven !!!
Thanks to a jaunt to Buffalo on Saturday, an unexpected antiquing find, and the generosity of parents (thanks mom & dad !), these lovelies got to come home with me:

I've been slowly collecting this shade of transferware for a few years now, picking up pieces here and there as I can . . . but it's become difficult to find, at least in our area. Imagine my surprise at seeing
this entire beautiful set !!!

I had so much fun unpacking each piece and playing with it all . . . looks SO GOOD on our table !!! I'll have to plan a dinner party of some sort just so I can use all of these lovelies !!
I think they look pretty happy in their new home, too. My baker's rack certainly looks less naked now !! I just need a sign for the top shelf that says "TRANSFERWARE" . . . .
maybe a project for another weekend !

Happy Monday !!!

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Anonymous said...

The dishes are gorgeous and I do believe that they have found the right home. Very nice. Want to see them in person !!