Monday, April 14, 2008

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

I'm stretching a bit for today's post !!! Nothing really jumped out at me as blogworthy today. But, after reading my Bible study lesson on contentment this morning during breakfast, and going through my usual day at the office, I realized that my job is something to smile about.

(my view at the office . . . all day, everyday !)

Maybe it doesn't always excite me or make me laugh with joy . . . in fact, some days it makes me angry and stressed out !!! But, I'm blessed enough to have a job, and a good one at that. I work in a clean, safe, professional environment, and I work for and with good people. I am well-compensated, and have generous benefits. I'm not micromanaged, and I have the freedom to accomplish my duties in my own way . . . my personality and work habits are not questioned or dismissed. I have a good job.

I don't always remember or focus on these things . . . it's always easier to focus on the negative. But stepping back and taking stock of what I have helps to adjust my perspective. In the end, I'm blessed to have this job . . . . . . and that makes me smile !!!!

Happy Monday !!!

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