Monday, April 7, 2008

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Kind of a smattering of bright and
springy things today !!

Here's a pile of my current knitting stuff: a good knitting-themed read, fun yarn for my sweater-in-progress, and a new book of patterns. I'm already halfway done with sweater #2 . . . I've learned that simple pattern + chunky yarn + large needles = quick sweater !!! Yay !!

Another lesson learned: start things from seed !! So here's my lovely new seed-starter greenhouse contraption, complete with heated pad to keep my seedlings warm and growing !

(love those homemade labels, huh --- thank goodness
for toothpicks & double-stick tape !!!)

And lastly, my new cute tea towel. I couldn't pass
it up . . . it has my word for 2008 on it afterall !!!!

Happy Springy Monday !!!!

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