Friday, December 14, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

And inside, too. That's because our furnace has died. It was a bit on the old side, and we knew we'd eventually have to replace it . . . we were hoping we could nurse it along for a little longer. Twas not to be . . . it's officially DEAD !! So we have been without heat for the past two days. Exiting my morning shower into a warm, heated bathroom is a mere memory now. . . it was Tuesday the last time that happened !!!!! So, this has been the scene in our living room since yesterday:

We brought our guest bedroom mattress downstairs and parked it in front of our wonderful gas fireplace . . . our only source of warmth ! And we've piled on the flannel sheets, fleece blankets, heavy socks and jammies . . . anything and everything warm !! Jack even hauled out one of my Christmas gifts ahead of time (a taboo in our house !), just for this occasion: an electric blanket !! A few space heaters from our workplaces made their way home tonite, too.

So this is how we're spending one more heatless night, until this lovely new furnace can be installed tomorrow:

Glad it's going in before this weekend's nor'easter is supposed to bury us in snow !!! I'd love to type more, but my fingers are almost frozen to the keys . . . . !!
Wishing you a warm and cozy weekend !!!

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Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

A dead furnace is no good anywhere, but most especially not in the house of a woman who is always cold! And the fact that Jack got you an electric blanket for Christmas? It's just cracking me up with love for you two! :) Stay warm, my friends.