Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Playing Fetch

Yes, our very adorable and talented Marty plays fetch, just like a dog !!!
I learned this right away after bringing him home and playing with him for a bit . . . he would just chase after his ball and bring it right back to me !!

Now we have a routine of playing fetch in the morning while I'm eating breakfast, and then after I get home from work at night . . . I don't know who's better trained: him or me !!! We do have to take the "blue guy" (pictured above) away at night, though, or he'll be chasing it around our bed all night long !! So funny to constantly see him carrying something in his mouth like this, especially after living with Tibbs all these years, who never carries anything around ! What a sweet boy !!

Gotta go . . . the "blue guy" just landed at my feet . . . looks like it's time for another round of fetch !!!

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Anonymous said...

Marty is so cute....but I miss my Tibbs!! Please put some pictures of Tibbs on display....he "is" the senior feline and is very talented too!! Mom