Monday, August 20, 2007

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

A sweet gift from the garden is making me smile today ! For the last few summers, a co-worker and I have been trying to successfully dry hydrangeas . . . we've tried hanging them upside down to dry, putting them in a vase with a bit of water and letting them dry from there, etc, all with no luck. Mind you, neither of us actually have hydrangeas in our yard . . . we sneak out after work, scissors in hand, and cut them from the neighboring medical office's border that faces our parking lot . . . so of course our pilfered flowers won't dry right !!! What I've come to realize is that these are problably of a variety that don't dry well. Lesson learned.

Lo and behold, I get a call last week from another co-worker (and learned gardener !) to let me know she'd cut some of her hydrangeas for me dry . . . . . and these are foolproof, thank God ! So now I have lovely hydrangeas on my porch (above), and in an ironstone pitcher in our living room. What a sweet and beautiful gift !!!!!

Another reason to smile today . . . 5 months from now, Jack and I will be on one of these !
We had decided around the holidays last year to treat ourselves to a cruise for our 10th anniversary this year. We were aiming to go this November, but our plans got put on hold when one of my other front office co-workers got pregnant, and is due in November. After a trying and often dismal-feeling spring and summer, with no nice vacation in sight, we were finally able to book our getaway for January !!! YAY !!!!!! Let the countdown to the Caribbean begin . . . !

Very thankful today for gifts both small and large !!!!


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

Love the green hydrangeas! We just planted a blue one and I'm waiting to see if it will come up blue or pink next year. But I love the green ones, too. Maybe I should get another one... Do the green ones change color based on the PH of the soil, like the pink/blue ones do? said...

I didn't know that it depended upon the variety, either!!