Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Coolest Bosses

The three doctors I work for are the coolest bosses ! Not only do they give us both respect and freedom, but they also go above and beyond when it comes to showing appreciation . . . (they don't know about my little blog here, so I'm not getting any brownie points for this or anything !)

Every year, they plan special lunches for each department (front desk, hygienists, and assistants), complete with great food, flowers, and gifts. Us front desk-ers had our lunch today, and boy, did they outdo themselves this year !! We went to the home of one of the doctors (a beautiful historic home in the village near our office) where we found a chef preparing a lovely lunch for us . . . spring greens with roasted vegetables and onion balsamic dressing, chicken french with a sweet carrott risotto, and a chocolate concoction to die for ! Big YUM !! Then, a designer from a local florist/gift shop arrived with baskets, fresh flowers, and supplies to guide us in creating our own May baskets ! How fun !! Would've been even more fun (and funny !) if the doctors had joined in the arranging, too . . . ! So here is my lovely creation . . .

We even got gift certificates to this amazing florist/gift shop . . . that'll be used up in no time ! What a fun surprise ! I am truly blessed to work for such creative, fun, generous, and all-together good people . . . a rarity in today's world. Happy May Day ! I can't wait to see what next year's lunch brings . . . .!

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Jennifer said...

How cool. I wish my boss was so nice to me. ;)