Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tagged !

Ok, so Allyson tagged me several days ago with this lovely little meme about books we've read, etc. . . . and I have been thinking about it and dreading it like a school assignment ever since !! Let me begin by saying that I am not nearly as well-read as my lovely friends Allyson and Jenn, and tend toward the drivel and fluff . . . not exactly Harlequin Romances or anything, but nothing scholarly either !! And I don't usually notice or remember the small details of what I read, much less all the in's and out's of the characters . . . I'm in it purely to escape !! That said, here goes . . . !

1. Three characters you wish were real so you could meet them:

This one is probably the hardest for me to answer . . . no one specific comes to mind, except the characters I have in mind for question #2 !! I'd love to meet any or all of the characters from some of my favorite books and authors: all from the Harry Potter series, any from Little Women, and just about anyone from the books of Rosamunde Pilcher (my favorite !), Daphne du Maurier, Marcia Willett, Maeve Binchy, and Barbara Delinsky, and the list goes on. I just can't pick !

2. Three characters you would like to be:

Either Jo or Meg March from Little Women. I think I am similar to Meg in some ways . . . quiet, holding back a bit from socializing, a huge sense of propriety, and a desire for the simple family life. She seemed to have a clear sense of herself and her ultimate place in life, and I admire that. I'd like to be Jo, too, because of her energy, eccentricity, impetuousness (?), and creativity . . . I think these traits reside in me in very small doses, and I tend to admire people that let them out !!

I'd also like to be any of the main female characters in Rosamunde Pilcher's books. I'm currently re-reading Winter Solstice, and the main character, Elfrida Phipps, is a good example of the typical main character . . . some sort of artistic vocation or background, the endurance of some tragedy or misfortune, involved in the gathering of a hodge-podge of friends, family, and acquaintances, being the pillar of strength and voice of reason in the midst of changing circumstances, and a basic celebration of eccentricity . . . all set in beautiful England or Scotland !! Just plunk me down into one of her books and I'll be a happy camper !

3. Three characters that scare you:

I could only come up with one for this question, but it was the only answer for any of the questions that popped immediately into my mind . . . Mrs. Danvers from Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca. Not only is she outwardly hateful toward the new Mrs. de Winter, and undermines her in every way possible, but she's creepy in her preservation of Rebecca's room and belongings, and downright evil in her encouragement of the main character to commit suicide ! Eeeee-vvviiiilllllllll !!!

Well, now that that's done and over with . . . . ! I had thought that if I ever got tagged it'd be with one of those "5 weird things about yourself" memes . . . I have all kinds of answers for that one ! Maybe next time . . . !

Happy reading to all !


Jennifer said...

Oh brave soul! You answered the call to meme before me. You hold me in much too high esteem, my friend, calling me "well read." My secret shame is that I was an English major and now call myself a writer, and I can't remember most of what I've read! My mind is either a sponge or a sieve. I absorb some stuff for life, but so much just passes right through. Now I'm going to go look at my book shelves just to remember what a book is and find some characters to list on my blog. Oy.

Jennifer said...

p.s. Fantastico photo, by the way! I might steal the idea. :)

Allyson said...

Yay! It's so fun to read your answers! Mrs. Danvers IS scary! I totally agree. And really, I read just as much drivel as anyone else. Have you seen my "What I'm reading" sidebar?? I love the photo too.
Oh, and I think you should just start a meme about the five weird things. You can tag me. REvenge and all.