Thursday, May 17, 2007

We Have A Winner . . . !

Lately my co-workers and I have noticed a trend amongst our male patients . . . they make their wives do everything for them ! On a daily basis I hear comments like, "You'll have to talk to my wife about that bill; she takes care of all that," and "I'll have my wife call you to make little Susie's next appointment; she's good at that kind of thing". My personal favorite is when the wife calls to make an appointment for her husband, and you hear him in the background relaying his symptoms, times he's available, etc . . . apparently it's just too difficult for him to actually get on the phone and do something for himself !! The amazing thing is that this "syndrome" seems to effect men of all ages . . . it's transcending the generations, I tell you !

So yesterday we found the guy that takes the prize: his wife calls from the MATERNITY WARD to cancel his appointment for later that afternoon . . . turns out she had the baby earlier that morning !!! What a guy . . . at least he waited until she'd pushed the kid out to have her call us !

Gosh, I love working with people !!!!

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Rachel Warren said...

This sounds very familiar...hmmm I do believe it's a lot like your father-in-law! And while we're on the subject of making appointments, how about filling out forms? Yea they don't like to do that either!