Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Yarn Party

That's what our furry boys must have had during the night recently !
I got out of bed, stepped into the hall, and saw this:

Then I looked into our guest room . . .

Mind you, I've been keeping the yarn on my bookshelf for well over
a year now . . . they must have just discovered it and gone crazy !!!

Here's one of the guilty parties now:

One ball of yarn even made it downstairs, and was
strewn around the dining room !!

Now my stash hides out here . . . in a drawer . . .

Can't blame them, really . . . with all the fun colors and textures,
I like to play with it, too !

1 comment:

Angel Jem said...

Who can blame them? It must have been like Christmas when they (finally) realised what the brightly coloured balls were. Bless them. They're lovely (and that's easy to say from 3000 miles distant!)