Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Look & A Holiday Recap !

It's a brand new year, and I decided on a brand new look for the blog !!
Happy 2010 !

One of my goals this year is to be a better blogger . . . my number of posts last year was 1/2 that of 2008 ! Things do happen and I always have things to post . . . sometimes laziness just gets in the way of making it happen !
Onward and upward !

So, the holiday recap . . . ! Christmastime was a busy one this year: work was crazy, as always, and the gift-making process kept me super busy ! We did get to spend time with both of our families, though, so that was a definite treat (lots and lots of eating !) !!

As I was racing around decorating and making gifts, I noticed just how much red surrounds us in our house . . . like it was made for the holidays !!
Here are some red-themed house pics:

(the transferware collection, of course !)

(our gorgeous armoire in the living room . . . handpainted by us !)

(my kitchen walls)

(our dining room chairs . . . handpainted by Jack !)

(part of this year's nifty gifties that had me knitting non-stop !)

(red velvet cookie batter)

This year's gifts for my co-workers: a plate of homemade yummies . . .

. . . topped off with knitted house helpers !!! I loved this whole idea,
and they seemed to be a hit with everyone, as well !

Hope you had a happy, cozy holiday season !
And here's to a great new year !


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

nice new look for the blog!

heidiannie said...

I love all your red! Especially the chairs- nice job, Jack!