Monday, January 4, 2010

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Back today with pictures of our lovely finished shower . . . YAY !!!
So glad we finally had it fixed up . . . we are loving the result !!!

Here's what we started with:

Some "during" shots:

And the beautiful result:

Clean, simple, and still unique . . . and for less than we'd hoped and planned !!
Here's my favorite part:

. . . our own custom built-in shelf (our installer's idea !) No shower caddies or shampoo bottles cluttering the sides of the tub . . . I LOVE it !!! We also had new flooring put in, new fixtures, and crown molding, too . . . just thrilled with the whole thing !!

(and a new shower curtain, too !)

Happy (renovation) Monday !!

1 comment:

Angel Jem said...

The cubby hole is such a good idea. Hope you love using your shower!