Monday, October 6, 2008

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

It's a 2-for-1 special today . . . .

double the smiles !!

I had so much fun over the weekend and after work today putting my harvest finds to use in the house ! Some of the gourds made their way to the mantle . . . .

. . . . . and others made their way to
my table in our front entry . . . !

"Where did you get that great salvaged
window ?", you ask ?!?!?!

Just wait till you see . . .
more to come on that !!!!

My second round of smiles today comes from a sweet surprise . . . ! As I was browsing the "Places to Wander" section of one of my favorite blogs yesterday, I came across a familiar blog name: MINE !!!

Charlotte's blog was one of the very first I looked at, thanks to an article about this project in Home Companion magazine several years ago . . . and I've loved it ever since ! To be included in her list of places to visit is a huge honor in my book. Thank you !!

As coincidence would have it, I was actually aware of her work before finding her blog . . . but I didn't realize it ! I discovered these in my "inspiration notebook" from a Woman's Day article in 2003 . . .

. . . . and I've been dreaming of decoupaged plates ever since !!! (I did make one a year or two ago, but it didn't turn out very well. It's on my list to try again, though . . . office Christmas gifts this year, perhaps ?!?!?) Very cool !

Here's to a Happy Monday,

full of Fall treasures and a little blog love !!


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

How cool that you got some link love from a favorite blogger! That's such a good feeling! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes....I actually came over from Charlotte's blog, lol! I visit her regularly! Love your blog as well!!!!