Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Forgotten Room Rediscovered

I realized recently that I hadn't been in my craft room for quite awhile . . . I barely go near it these days ! When I am home, I'm usually in front of either the computer, stove, or television, and I've gotten in the habit of knitting while watching TV (can't quite leave that multi-tasking thing at the office !). So tonight I revisited my craft room . . .

I took my current knitting project and plopped down on the bed (it's also our guestroom !) for some quiet, uninterrupted crafting !!

The boys joined me, of course . . . they must have missed some craft room activity, too !!!

So peaceful, so relaxing . . . just perfect for the end of a busy day ! Why did I stay away so long ?!?!?! Perhaps a new after-work ritual was created today . . . !

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