Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Whistler: Part 1

I just can't say enough about our trip to Whistler . . . I had such a GREAT time there. The location was truly breathtaking, and different from any place I'd visited . . . the air was so clean and clear, and the water so pure and beautiful, and lush green pine trees everywhere . . . God's amazing artistry at every turn !!

The first day was a little on the rough side, full of delayed flights, long travel time, and the longest bus ride EVER . . . I was reminded what motion sickness was on that slow, bumpy ride through the mountains ! But once we got there and got settled, everything was grand ! We took a little stroll through the Upper Village, where our hotel was located, and soaked in the scenery before heading to a "welcome dinner", and crashing early for the night. I've never been so thankful for a pillow-top mattress and a down comforter . . . God bless the Fairmont Chateau Whistler !!

Our first full day there began with our chosen activity . . . canoeing !!! We were off to Green Lake bright and early to begin our adventure.

We started off a little rocky, visiting the tree limbs and the bushes a bit, but got the hang of the whole steering thing pretty quickly, and were on our way.

We wound our way through a small canal/river until we reached the actual lake . . .

So gorgeous !!! I just tried to take it all in, to soak up as much of this beauty as I could . . . and paddle all at the same time !!! It took a few hours to go all around the lake and back, especially with the wind moving against us on the way out . . . we definitely got a workout, and some sore muscles the next day ! The perfect choice of activity !!!

Later that evening was the awards ceremony and banquet . . . hence the need for this dress !!! What a treat to see my dad honored and awarded for his hard work, and to be able to be onstage with him (as all guests went up with their award winner). We had a fabulous meal, as well . . . a great time altogether !!!

Stay tuned for Part 2, and more pictures of our alpine adventure !!!!


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

So glad you had a great time. And those photos have some stunning scenery in them.

And I have to ask: Did anyone think that you were your dad's trophy wife?! :)

Allyson said...

Hey hottie, love the dress! Sounds like it was tons of fun--especially canoeing on that beautiful lake! I had the same thought that Jenn had about the trophy wife! But you and your dad look enough alike that people could figure it out. Can't wait for the rest--post soon, before I leave the country!!!

Melissa said...

There were definitely some raised eyebrows !! Most of the people from my dad's region had never met my mom, so I'm sure the whole "sugar daddy" thing entered their minds !! The illusion was broken, though, when they introduced the guests during the awards ceremony ! What fun !