Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weeknight Roadtrip & A Wish Granted

Jack & I were saying recently how we wish Lifehouse would have a show in our area some time, and how it would be even better if they headlined . . . they've been one our favorite bands for a good number of years now, and they always seem to be opening for other bands we're really not into. Well . . . wish granted !!

We heard just a few days ago that they were doing a show Tuesday night at Turning Stone (about 2 hrs. from us), as part of their headlining tour !!! We were soooooooo there . . . . .

What a great time !!! A nice, smaller venue . . . felt like we were almost on stage ! And an awesome performance . . . just love their music !!!
Now that's the way to spend a weeknight !!!

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