Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Haven: Flying Without a Pattern !

So, my lovely yarn the color of autumn leaves is on the needles . . . and on its way to becoming a cozy turtleneck ! And I've dubbed it "Haven" . . . because turtlenecks are my go-to sweaters to keep out the chill . . . and partly because I started it while watching the Syfy channel's "Haven" (based on a Stephen King story and set in Maine, of course !) and drooling over the gorgeous coastal Maine/fishing village scenery (always brings thick, cozy sweaters to mind !) !!!

This has been a fun and freeing knit for me . . . because I'm pattern-free on this one !! Just a few measurements and a basic formula for this type of sweater, and I'm set to make a custom-fit handknit !! It's a little daunting to just start something like this without a pattern to follow . . . but very liberating, too ! I can do whatever I want . . . no rules to follow . . . and no feeling like I've somehow failed if it doesn't turn out like the picture with the pattern ! Lovely !

Hopefully it'll look better on me than on my craft room chair !!!
Hope to be enjoying my "Haven" soon . . . !!!


Anonymous said...

Love It!!! Can't wait to see it finished and you in it!

{amy} said...

It's looking good so far! I love that you name your creations!

heidiannie said...

Wow- you are such an accomplished knitter! I can't follow a pattern, but everything I do without one looks like a disaster.