Monday, October 25, 2010

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

" . . . . 'I Sing Behind the Plow'. This affirmation of joy in work,
of art in the everyday, of hope in the face of challenge,
helps us in times of trouble and reminds us that we have
within us a lot of what it takes to make things better."

- Jan Davidson, Director, John C. Campbell Folk School

I had no idea what to post today. It was one of the those semi-blah days at work, and it left me feeling like a little bit of life had been sucked out of me !!

Then I read these words in the Folk School newsletter/funding letter that came in the mail . . . and I felt a little buoyed. Just the words I needed to hear today !

Happy Monday !

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Amy said...

Those ARE good words! Thanks for posting! If you don't mind, tell Jack that Michelle Rea got married on Saturday! There's a picture of her & her husband on my blog!