Monday, February 1, 2010

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

- freedom from complexity
- absence of luxury or pretentiousness
- freedom from artificiality or guile

(Random House Dictionary)

The notion of simplicity and living a simple life have been on my mind a lot these days . . . and for no apparent reason. It seems like the phrase "keep it simple" keeps popping into my mind, like a mantra. It hits me when I'm shopping, when I'm planning our meals for the week, when I'm explaining something to a patient at work, and even when I'm picking out my next knitting project . . . keep it simple !!

I'm not a super-complicated person . . . never have been . . . so it's not a huge struggle to keep things simple in my life. I guess it's just a reminder, or a refocusing of the importance of simplicity that brings me back when things around me get a bit complicated . . . a reminder of who I am and what I want to hold onto.

It feels like the pressure to make things complicated or less simple than they need to be is everywhere. I see it in my co-workers everyday: the girls that go out to lunch everyday, then complain about being broke and having trouble keeping their weight in check . . . those that take many and expensive vacations, and are always on shopping sprees, and continue to complain about money problems . . . and the girl that leaves patients overwhelmed and confused with her long-winded and "dental lingo laden" explanations. Not to mention the everyday drama that gets dragged into the office. I just want to scream, "Keep it simple, people!"

Then I go to the mall . . . pretty, fun, and expensive things everywhere !! I browse around our new Anthropologie and hear the mantra in my head . . . a fun store, but definitely not easy (or simple) on the pocketbook ! In my dreamworld, I'd love to dress from head to toe in their clothes . . . but it's just not realistic for my workplace or my budget. Just keepin' it simple, here! It was much the same at Williams-Sonoma (another store where I covet just about everything !). I saw a mini-scone pan for about $36 . . . and thought to myself, "Can't you just cut your scones smaller with your regular old knife ?" And for free ! Same with the White Chicken Chili Starter for $14 . . . I can make it myself for less ! The girls at work were shocked to here that I left the mall with nothing but a latte from Starbucks . . . but there was nothing I truly needed or was worth my buying . . . and that made leaving empty-handed simple !

On the flipside, it's not just what I don't do that keeps life simple, but the simple things we choose to do and appreciate that make it worthwhile. It's the homemade meal that sticks to your ribs and satisfies . . . spending a day off on the couch in your jammies with your husband, watching movies . . . coming home after a crazy work day and relaxing in front of a warm fire . . . . . a furry friend curled up on your lap . . . lighting a yummy-smelling candle to enjoy while you do the dishes . . . the feel of flannel sheets fresh from the dryer on a cold night . . . the list is endless !! It is truly a gift to be simple . . . !

Have a (simply) Happy Monday !

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heidiannie said...

I found that going to the mall is an exercise in futility. I'm not going to spend the amount of money they are asking, and I don't really want the items as much as the allure they work on my acquisitive nature.
If I can't find it at the grocery store, farmer's market or thrift store- then I don't need it!
I enjoyed your post!