Monday, July 6, 2009

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

So . . . . my sweater-in-progress has a name.
It's basically had this name since I posted last.

There I was, innocently sitting on the couch, knitting away, when Jack randomly turned to me and blurted out "Grape Ape". I didn't even know he'd read my request for suggestions, much less had one of his own . . . and then it was permanently stuck in my head !!! So, "Grape Ape" it is !! (Anyone else really like that cartoon as a kid ?!?!!!)

Thank you for all the suggestions, too . . . . I loved them all ! I especially liked "Lillander", but "Grape Ape" was burned into my brain for good ! The yarn seems to be responding to the name, too . . . this sweater has been knitting up fast and well so far !!! Maybe a more delicate and feminine name for the next sweater ! Come to think of it, one of the names used in the book I mentioned was "The Road Kill" . . . so "Grape Ape" really isn't that bad, huh !?!?!!!!!

Happy Monday !!!

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heidiannie said...

Your husband is one of the namers among us. Some people can just do that! Grape Ape isn't too bad- and if that's what he's going to call it then that is what it is! LOL!