Saturday, May 9, 2009

Endless Titles & A Happy Ending

"Leo's Day Out" . . .

"Captain Underpants To The Rescue" . . .

"My Almost Heart Attack" . . .

Any of these titles would fit my morning !

We started out like this:

. . . in the bathroom, showering and getting ready for the day, the boys enjoying the sun and open window. But in mere minutes, it was a very different scene. Leo was lying in the window by himself, stretching out and rolling around a bit while I petted him. Next thing I know, the screen pops out of the window, and Leo falls outside after it. I tried to grab any part of him as he fell, but couldn't. I ran thru the kitchen to the porch and out the back door as quick as I could . . . meanwhile hoping that Marty wouldn't find the screenless bathroom window, too ! I have to note at this point that I was only wearing a t-shirt and underwear when I hustled outside . . . thank goodness it was a long t-shirt !

As I crept around the back corner of the house, calling Leo's name, I had no idea what I was going to find . . . so many scenarios whipped thru my mind, none of them good. When we got Leo last winter, he'd been found as a stray . . . but now that he'd become a declawed indoor cat, I had no idea how he'd react to being outside again ! But - thank God ! - Leo was right underneath the window, standing there kind of stunned and crouched low. I walked over to him really slow (didn't want him running now!) and scooped him up and carried him back inside. I went straight to that bathroom window, slammed it down and locked it tight ! Then I sat down on the bathroom floor with Leo (and Marty watching me warily from nearby) and sobbed. I was shaking and crying and trying to breathe and kissing the cats all at the same time. The cats just looked at me like I was having a mental breakdown . . . kind of felt like it, too ! I love my furry boys beyond words, and the thought of how my day might have gone tears me apart . . . I'm so thankful to God that it ended happily !

Needless to say, we'll only be opening the windows just a smidge this summer (not wide-open anymore !), and practically cementing the screens in place . . . and I might just start wearing shorts again when I get ready in the morning !!!!!

Here's to a low-key afternoon . . . !

P.S. Just went outside to get the mail, and really noticed how high a fall it is from that 1st floor bathroom window . . . about 5 1/2 feet !! My poor Leo . . . thank goodness he wasn't hurt, too !


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

Kitties falling from the sky! Hot neighbor lady running around in undies. Nudo, nudo! :)

Glad everyone is okay.

temp jobs said...

Glad to hear Leo is okay.. please do take care of them.