Monday, May 18, 2009

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Growing up, all I needed to keep myself occupied was paper, scissors, and glue. I have hazy memories of my best friend and I excitedly being given old magazines and catalogs that our moms were going to toss . . . and spending hours cutting and pasting and tearing out and making collages and diaramas galore ! Thirty years later and it's still fun . . .

I started organizing my loose recipes and knitting patterns into binders recently, and decided that my folders needed some sort of cover design. So, out came the magazines, scissors, and glue stick . .

I had forgotten how relaxing such a simple task can be . . . something productive and therapeutic all at the same time ! Nothing fancy . . . just something simple that feeds the soul !

Happy Monday !

1 comment:

heidiannie said...

I love that felted purse- did you knit any purses and felt them?