Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let Me Introduce . . .

. . . Leo !!!

Yes, we have adopted another furry friend ! Jack & I hadn't really talked about getting another cat yet . . . we knew we would be ready at some point, but hadn't brought it up in the midst of all our emotions with Tibbs. So imagine my surprise when I came home Tuesday night at 9:30, after a long day at work and our office Christmas party afterwards, to find this little sweetie hanging out in our guest room ?!?!!!! Seems that Jack randomly checked our humane society website that day and found this guy . . . and after visiting the shelter and falling in love with him, home he came !!! He is quite the little love bug . . . all licks and snuggles and headbutts ! And of course, he's got some Maine Coon in him, too ! He's recovering from some respiratory and eye issues, so we've had him quarantined in the guest room since we brought him home. Tomorrow we'll start the "getting acquainted" process with Marty and see how that goes ! Then we'll have 2 furballs flying through the house again . . . !
Two saddened hearts . . . a sweet boy in need of a good home . . . a husband that went with his gut . . . a wonderful Christmas gift !!!

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Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

That picture of Leo on the bed is adorable. He's a real lady's man of a cat, isn't he? :) Merry Christmas.