Monday, November 26, 2007

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Taking time for the little touches . . . that's making me smile today !! I'm so thankful to have had a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday, and finally some time to do those little things that are always getting put off, like these small decorating projects . . . . .

This is a picture from an old issue of Victoria magazine that I've saved for who knows how many years. "A Farmhouse in the Country" it's called . . . . . . that's what I'd always dreamed of having . . . . and it's what I'm blessed enough to have ! So I finally took it out of my "dream notebook", framed it, and hung it in my kitchen . . . . .

It looks so happy there !!

As for the craft corner of my guest room . . . . I had envisioned a bulletin board to hold some of the bits and pieces I've collected over the years, a collage of some of the things that I find beautiful and inspiring. So here she finally is, topped off with letters I had decoupaged last summer . . . . just what I wanted !!!!
Happy Monday !!!
Here's hoping that your week brings a bit of time for the little touches !!

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