Monday, November 12, 2007

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

I was digging through a binder of magazine clippings over the weekend . . . . . . I guess I would call it my "inspiration folder". . . I started it way back in college, and it holds any picture, article, product, and the like that resonates with me . . . something that spoke to me in the pages of a favorite magazine. It's been my dream book, a source of ideas and inspiration in decorating our house, and has often had a grounding effect when I've questioned my appearance and my idea of beauty over the years . . . all of these collected pages have a way of reminding me who I am when the daily happenings of life go a little haywire. Here's one of the beautiful pages I found, from an old Victoria magazine :

(please excuse the crooked right edge . . . I'm not the best tearer-outer of magazine pages !)

My idea of a perfect afternoon . . . knitting in front of the fire, with a cup of tea on the side !!! Maybe over the weekend . . . .?!?!?!!!

Here's to a beautiful and inspiring start to the week !


zephyr said...

Liked it...simple yet great

imagine me and you said...

nice...i like reading your blog

Allyson said...

Can I come over and knit with you? How is the sweater coming along? I wish we lived closer together!