Sunday, March 25, 2007

Signs of Spring & Crafting Continued

I am thrilled beyond words to finally see signs of spring !! Winters here in upstate NY seem to be endless, and spring just can't get here quick enough ! Today was a beautiful spring day . . . and even better because I was home and able to enjoy it ! Amazing how uplifting it can be to simply open your windows and take in some cool, fresh air ! And it's encouraging to finally see things
awakening in the yard . . . can't wait to see if the few things I planted last year survived ! I've already declared this my year of landscaping (at least in my mind I have !), so I'm ready to get going !

I've been working on my little "comfort food" scrapbook a bit more, and finally have a few more pages to show for it . . .
Love our house !! I'll have to post it's story sometime.

I love the picture in the middle of the left page . . . I've held onto it for almost 10 years now, and was glad to put it to use ! It was taken in Cortland Manor, NY (outside NYC in Westchester County) when my parents lived there, right before Jack and I got married. They lived on this beautiful estate - complete with stone mansion, swimming pool, lake, ballrooom, and gorgeous grounds - that had been divided into condos for rent and sale. This particular picture is of a neighbor's garden . . . a British lady, she had transformed this tiny little square of earth in the front of her condo into a lush, amazing garden. I was just enamored by it, and took a few pictures to remember it. Inspiration !

And last but not least is my latest knitting creation . . . a cell phone sock !
Not the most practical thing ever, but it's cute and it helped me practice the rib stitch ! One day I'll make a sweater . . . really !!!

Onto the next project !!

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Allyson said...

That cell phone baggie is the cutest thing!Love it and your scrapbook!