Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Renewal

I live for the weekends these days . . . just to have no set schedule and enjoy doing what I want, at my
own pace . . . BLISS !!

This morning I finally had the chance to have a leisurely cup of coffee and thumb thru an old issue of Country Living before heading out to do the usual Saturday errands. It was so peaceful, sitting in my guestroom/craftroom, with Tibbs sleeping on the bed next to me, looking out at the sunshine and the snow-covered trees . . . moments like these remind me how rare it is that I see my house in full daylight, and what a bright and cheerful place it is !!

And for a bit more cheer, I bought some daffodils at the store . . . amazing what a little color can do for the spirit !!
Now, on to more of my schedule-free weekend . . . !

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Your cat is just as cute as mine. Do you think they're all cousins? And I do love the daffodils -- they're one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing the enchanting moments of the everday. We all need to be reminded of them more often.