Sunday, November 17, 2013


I've been absent from this space a bit this year, especially these last few months . . .
but I'm still here !!!

Priorities, schedules, routines, and focus change as life moves quickly along . . . I've found that each of these has moved me a bit away from my blogging space.  Since I've barely posted like I feel I should have & feel a little guilty (like I do with almost everything !), I've thought several times about stopping the whole blogging thing.  But I started this little space here as a creative outlet, a place to search for & focus on the little things that resonate & make me smile . . . and I still need all those things !!!  Just maybe not as frequently, here, as I once did . . . and that's okay.

Here's what I've been looking at lately . . . .

- I've gotten totally addicted to Instagram (a little late to the party, as always !).  I just love their filters and effects . . . not too many or too complicated . . . really user friendly !  They make my pictures look great !!  One of my favorite users to look at is @benjaminhole . . . stunning look at the English countryside & the life of a farmer . . . gorgeous !

- This book now wins the award for "most underlined" . . . I just couldn't stop highlighting passages that resonated with me !  I whizzed through this one in less than 2 weeks (pretty good since I read right before I fall asleep !)  Just what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear it . . . !  I'll be rereading this one again & again !

- I discovered this lovely website (and added it to my favorite places !) after reading about its author in a recent Grove City College alumni magazine . . . she's a fellow former Grover !!  Though I haven't tried any recipes yet, I love getting a glimpse into her "big city" life, and following along on her journey toward publishing a cookbook . . . beautiful photos, wise words, and a passionate heart !

- Even though my knitting is often slow-going, it's always going !!  This is one of my favorite sources of inspiration and sweater lust.   Each collection & lookbook that comes out is gorgeous . . . lovely settings, beautiful photography, and modern/classic styles !  One day, I will knit another of their designs . . . !

(my one & only Brooklyn Tweed pattern, so far !)

- I love quotations/sayings/mantras/words of wisdom . . . always have !  I remember partially filling a journal with them in high school . . . not much has changed (witnessed in this Pinterest list !) !!  Here's one that I read recently that really rang true:

                    "Don't aspire to be the politest girl in the room - you know, the one who defers to everyone else, who never speaks up, who claims to have no strong partialities of her own -
or one day you might find yourself the bitterest."

Good things all around !!

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