Sunday, September 15, 2013

Outtakes & Randomness

I made this for my pecan pie-loving husband . . . 

not good . . . I overcooked it !

Leo just folds himself into the weirdest positions when he sleeps . . . 

a gaggle of fuzzy feet !!

I just love to admire the history & workmanship of our  100+ year old barn.

They're rarely this close together, much less when they sleep . . . 

These were steaks.

When I went to get them off the grill, I saw that the grease had caught on fire,
and we had quite a blaze going on !  These poor guys got doused 
with baking soda . . . and we had to find something else to eat for dinner !!!

Marty apparently likes to photo bomb !!!

I've started playing with paper & glue sticks & paint again,
 just like I did when I was a kid . . . 

and it is great fun !!!

My favorites are on their way out . . . but I love to try to capture them
when the sun is shining on them just right  !!!

And that's all for today's random photos & thoughts !!!

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