Sunday, August 26, 2012

Getting My Mojo Back

This summer has been a bust as far as knitting is concerned !

The tank top I started back in May just didn't work out.  It was 99% finished when I
decided to just rip it all out.  I wasn't happy with it from the beginning, & I wasn't
any happier when I finished it, either !!  It wasn't a relaxing project, and it became
a chore . . . not exactly what a hobby is supposed to do for you, right ?!!!

So, the yarn is now destined for another project . . .
 hopefully a better one . . . next spring, perhaps !!!

I needed to get back to wool, and get a bit of my knitting mojo back . . .


so I dubbed this one my "Mojo Hat" !!!

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Quick . . . easy . . . happy !

We'll see what turns up on the needles next !!!

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{amy} said...

Super cute! I haven't done anything with buttons yet, but I hope to move on to a little more advanced projects one of these days!