Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Little British Invasion

Seems like I've been in a British state of mind lately.

I'd picked up a few copies of the British edition of Country Living magazine over the years,
and really loved it.  And now that the US edition of Country Living seems to be heading
in a bit more modern direction, I find myself more drawn to the Brits and their aesthetic . . . 

(both from the June 2012 issue)

So lovely !!!

I also started watching Downton Abbey recently, and have just loved it !
It's rare that I have my own show to watch . . . Jack & I watch most shows together, 
and he has his own cartoons & sci-fi stuff . . . but this one's just mine !

I love the setting (duh !), and the characters & story lines are great ! 
 I have a few more months of waiting until season 3 starts, though.
Until then . . . 

. . . we'll see what other British things invade !


Mom said...

We are on the same ground....I have loved Downton Abbey for quite awhile! I have a "great" fascination for "all" British. I would have loved to be able to experience the sights and culture as you have (twice). But in my mind I dream of a different time and place where I cozy up with a good book, large cup of hot tea and listen to the cold rain fall. All while sitting in front of a huge fire with a cuddly cat on my lap. Thank goodness for our imaginations and dreams!


{amy} said...

Oooh, I love their style better than the more modern stuff! One day, we'll go to England and see some of it firsthand! I haven't seen that show, but it sounds like I should check it out!