Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Cotton Won't Cooperate

My latest knitting project has been on the needles about a month now.  I found this lovely
lilac shade of yarn, and dubbed this piece the "Highland Park" tank, in honor of the
park where Rochester's Lilac Festival takes place each year !

And while I usually work with wool, I thought I'd take the chance to work on a summer
project in a different material & bought this ultra pima cotton yarn . . . it's hard
to tell from the picture, but the yarn has a really pretty sheen to it !

However, this cotton & I just don't seem to be getting along !  Pretty as it is,
this yarn shows every little glitch, mistake, and inconsistency !  I'm usually a 
pretty even, consistent knitter . . . but it feels like this yarn shows if you 
even breathe on it wrong !!!  Ugh !

Hopefully, once it's done, a trip through the washing machine & dryer 
will cure all ills !!  Fingers crossed !  After that, I think I'll be back to wool !

1 comment:

{amy} said...

I'm sorry the cotton isn't cooperating! It looks good from what I can tell ~ hope it works out OK when you're done with it!