Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just For Kicks

Just for fun, I decided to try this 30-Day Photography Challenge . . .
and start today, the first day of a new month !!!

Day 1: Self-Portrait

Yup, this is me at 6 pm . . .
after my usual work day, and just home from a hair cut
(love the cut, hate the styling . . . so I wear my hat !)

Looks like a fun little list to wake up the creativity a bit . . .
we'll see if I can keep up !!!

Stay tuned !

1 comment:

{amy} said...

Fun! I've seen the 365-day challenge & knew I would fail at that, but I might be able to do a 30-day one! {especially because it tells you what to take a picture of!} Have fun!