Monday, October 17, 2011

Short & Dark

These days, that would be my nails.

It seems that with all of the showers, dinners, weddings, and
brunches this summer (I dubbed it the "summer of the dress",
since I've never worn dresses so frequently !),
I rediscovered a bit of my girly-girl side !

More dresses have appeared in my wardrobe:
they're feminine . . . they hide a multitude of flaws
. . . and with a great pair of heels, they make me feel a little fierce !!!!

And after having a pre-wedding manicure in July,
I was reminded how great just a little color & shine can make you feel !

So most days now, my digits are sporting a
little extra oomph (DIY, of course !) . . . and I'm loving it !
(And it's not all dark colors . . . there are light shades, too !)

Happy (girly-girl) Monday !


rachel said...

I liked the manicure we got for the wedding! Your dresses were very flattering on you. Don especially liked the one you wore for Laura's wedding!

melissa said...

Thanks !!! I really enjoyed the "summer of the dress" . . . so much fun !!!