Monday, August 29, 2011

CP & B

As in Cracked Pepper & Brie.

That's what popped into my head when I picked out
new yarn in a color called Cracked Pepper.

It instantly reminded me of college . . .
how my friends and I would occasionally have "fancy" snacks:
cracked pepper crackers with spreadable brie
(thank you, Allyson, for providing the yums !) . . .
and how that somehow made me feel a bit sophisticated !!!

Thus, we have the "Brie" sweater in the works !

This sweater will be anything but sophisticated . . .
just a nice, simple pullover with a bit of a cowl neck . . .
in a lovely gray perfect for fall & winter (eeek . . . even to say that word !)

To sweet memories and simple sweaters !!!

Happy Monday !


heidiannie said...

and yummy!

{amy} said...

You're so creative with the names of your creations!