Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bun-Bun's Galore

When I was little, neighbors of ours had a pet rabbit named Bun-Bun.
And ever since, I've always referred to all rabbits as Bun-Bun !!!!

A few of them have been hanging around lately . . .

This guy seems to have made our yard his breakfast stop !
I'm not sure who enjoys watching him more: the cats or me !!!

And this little guy finally has all of his pieces put together . . .

. . . he just needs a tail (of course !) and a special sweater, and he's all done
(we'll properly introduce him once he's all finished !) !!!

"There goes Peter cottontail . . . !"

1 comment:

heidiannie said...

That is so cute! Are you calling the stuffed rabbit Mr. Bun-Bun?