Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For Real This Time

Yes, this time I am really asking for sweater name suggestions !!!

I just picked up my new yarn . . .

. . just waiting to be knit into an "effortless cardigan" (so says the pattern !) . .
and in a lovely color named "Breeze" . . . !

OK . . . let's hear those ideas !!!!
Can't wait to see what this one will be called !!!


Amy said...

I wish I was creative enough to help you with a name! I'm the one that can't seem to come up with creative scrapbook page titles, so they end up saying things like, "At the lake" or "Cody's 10th birthday"! With a great color name like "Breeze", maybe "Breezy" something.

{RYC, I think it's great that you were named after a song! I totally should've thought of that when I named my kids!!}

heidiannie said...

Effortless= EASY
Breeze= BREEZY!