Monday, January 31, 2011

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

So today it's an ode to my latest musical addiction:

Jack's been listening to them for a few years now, but I got hooked
after their latest CD came out last summer. Then after seeing them
live in October & in December . . . officially addicted !!!
They've been the only band in my CD player ever since !!!

Check them out . . .
(and turn the volume waaaayy up !!!)

When we were standing in line at the first show, we overheard a
fifty-something man call Grace Potter a "Rock Goddess" . . .
to which I rolled my eyes, and thought, "Dirty old guy !"

But after seeing their amazing show . . . . . !

Anyone with an awesome voice that can rock the stage
(& an outfit !) like that definitely gets my vote !!

To quote my other half: SIMPLY RIDICULOUS !!

Happy (Ooh, La, La !) Monday !!


rachel said...

I listened to a cd Jack left in the car when I went to Pittsburgh, I told him she was "mad". She's pretty awesome and yes, you have to turn up the volume to get the full effect.

Amy said...

Wow! Her voice is amazing! I bet the live show is awesome!