Saturday, December 18, 2010

Too Stinkin' Cute

It was one of those, "Hey, I can make that!" moments !

A friend (and wine lover!) at work was talking about some
cute wine bottle accessories she saw in a store recently:
hats & scarves for your wine bottle !!

So, with all the yarn I have leftover in my stash,
I thought I might whip a few up for a quick Christmas gift !
Finished the first one last night . . .

Can't wait to play around with a few others !!
So freakin' cute . . . and I don't even drink wine !

Take that, Pottery Barn !!!!


heidiannie said...

those really are cute!
They would look great on specialty vinegars, too! A little hat and scarf for your balsamic and pear vinegar, ma'am?

melissa said...

Great idea, Heidi !!! Perhaps for next year. . . ??!?!?!!!

Amy said...

Super cute! I suppose they'd work for my mister's Dr Pepper bottles, too! :)