Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So That's Why It Costs So Much !

Pottery, that is.

That's what I learned from my recent class . . . .

it's not easy !!!

Especially for those of us who have trouble controlling our clay. I'm not really used to fighting with my material . . . yarn is pretty passive and obedient, you know !! So having to physically force my clay into compliance while it spins away on the potter's wheel . . . that was tough !!

So while I'm definitely not a "natural" where pottery is concerned, I didn't completely suck either ! I managed to produce these little numbers . . .

These are my best 3 pieces . . . and, thus, worthy to be glazed !! I have a few more unglazed pieces, too, but they're too wonky for pictures !!

So glad I gave this craft a try !! If nothing else, it reinforced my love of knitting . . . and gave me a new appreciation for the pieces of pottery I see at art festivals and galleries !!!

To quote the movie "You've Got Mail" . . . . .

"That's why it's worth so much" !!!


Amy said...

Great job! I didn't realize it was so difficult to work with. That helps me understand why it's so costly!!

heidiannie said...

Love the pots!
I've always had a notion that my pottery would be wonky. I am not good at symmetry. I like messing about with red clay pots- potting and planting and stacking and painting- not so original, but at least I don't have to worry about symmetry that way!:)s