Monday, November 9, 2009

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

It's a mish-mash here today . . . a smiling stream-of-consciousness, if you will ! But I'm finally posting again, and that's a good thing !!

* Loving my new IPod Touch !! I'm not into technology and gadgets and all (just not my thing!), and I'm clearly super slow to catch up . . . but it's new and handy and fun !

* Loving my new shower !! We had our old shower torn out last week, and new beautiful tile put up in its place . . . it looks so great !! Before and after pictures will be upcoming once all is done !

* Tom Turkey is in the freezer, waiting for our Thanksgiving meal !! It's my first turkey, so we'll see how that turns out !! Seems like I've cooked everything else but turkey . . . so here's to learning new things !

* Enjoying the fall weather . . . and all sweaters, cords, fleece, tweeds, etc. that come out of hiding !! Here are my new favorite tweeds making an appearance on my feet this season:

Work shoes, and . . .

. . . fun shoes !! (I haven't done clogs in a loooooong time . . .
glad to have them back !)

Happy Monday !

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Angel Jem said...

Love the check shoes.