Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jack's Nemesis

Welcome to our world of golden autumn leafiness . . .
and Jack's nemesis !!!

We love the beauty and function of our tree-filled property (keeps us cool in the summer, even without air conditioning !), but fall is a different story all together ! The yard is one big carpet of gorgeous-colored leaves . . . all needing to be raked up !

I remember being so excited our first fall in the house . . . having our own yard . . . spending time outside raking our own leaves . . . . . and then trying to bag them all !!! We got a little smarter the next year, hauling them on a tarp into the woods. That, coupled with the riding mower that mulches those suckers up . . . and we're good to go ! The trick around here is trying to get the leaves taken care of before the first snowfall . . . . sometimes there's not a lot of time between the dropping of the leaves and the dropping of the snowflakes !

And since we only have one rake currently . . . and being the wonderful wife that I am . . . I let Jack handle the raking ! And he is soooooooo happy about that ! He even tried to make a deal with his brother involving a flat-screen TV and raking duty for the next 5 years !!

I took the video above yesterday, just a mere 2 days after he raked the lawn . . . you get the picture of what he's up against out there !!! He raked this morning for a while, too . . . and the yard looks like it hasn't even been touched . . . only the tops of the trees have lost their leaves so far !! Here's to conquering the the lawn, one leaf at a time !!!

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heidiannie said...

At our house they are considered the enemy as well. My husband labors and rakes and bags and mulches and the next day stands there with a defeated look on his face at our lawn Full of leaves.
It's like laundry and dishes- a task never completely finished.