Monday, September 21, 2009

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Just a few pictures today from my jaunt
to our area's Fiber Fest on Saturday !
I'd been hearing about it for several years from one of my
co-workers/fellow knitter, and decided to finally check it out:

So many beautiful fibers and colors everywhere . . .
I wanted to take pictures of everything,
but the crowds made it a bit challenging !

These two alpacas were pretty much
posing for me during their snack time !

Glad I checked it out !

Happy (fiber-filled) Monday !


heidiannie said...

The question is,"Did you buy any of those lovelies?"- because I sure would have!

melissa said...

I did not . . . I was sooo good ! Things were actually a little pricier than I'd expected !! I did walk away with much inspiration, though !!

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

What yummy colors. Yet another reminder that I really should learn to knit or crochet or do something with yarn and fiber. [sigh] :)